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 Walter Dornez (do move after approval)

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Walter Dornez (do move after approval) Empty
PostSubject: Walter Dornez (do move after approval)   Walter Dornez (do move after approval) I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 07, 2011 7:55 pm

Name: Walter C. Dornez
Age: 69
Appearance Age: 35-39
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Weapon(s): Fingerless gloves each holding razor-sharp microfilament wires- each holding up to the lenth of 150 meters
Abilities: Super strength (10+ tons, ripping strength is lethal to humans), super speed (hypersonic+), super reflexes (casual bullet timer), super agility, super durability, super stamina, regeneration (can heal normally fatal wounds/limbs/some organs), immortality/youth (Walter is de-aged and eternally ageless and young), super senses/instincts (vampire standard), micro-wire combat.
Likes: Hunting down vampires, assisting the Hellsing successor, being a butler
Dislikes: Being useless/powerless, being forgotten
Weaknesses: Silver, Blessed Weaponry, Running, open, large bodies of water, decapicitation, being impaled in the heart
Description of your Character: Taking the apperance of a late 30s man, Walter has black, raven-hair that sometimes flows around. He has an abnormally youthful appearance. He has black eyes that rarely waver, a calm and neutral expression, a bit pale, and has a good figure. He wears dark purple linen followed by black linen vest, leggings, and boots. He also has black, fingerless gloves and glasses.
Rank: Category A+
Family: N/A
Picture: Walter Dornez (do move after approval) TheDawn
Rp Sample: Walter looked at the abomination before him, the monster that was once known as Alexander Anderson. Now reduced to nothing more than a living mass of plants, Hellsing's trashman's duty to wipe out the supernatural has resurfaced. The Angel of Death vs the Monster of God. "Like me, you are now a member of the darkness. The day frowns upon me and the night beckons you. But I have an identity. I stand now as Walter C. Dornez, Hellsing's one and only butler. And with a cry of "Amen" followed by a quick beheading, this world shall be rid of filth that dares approach me!" Walter lunges his wires towards Anderson. He made sure to keep his position, maintaining a pace of ten meters between them. Although the priest has been enhanced by a good portion, he just couldn't see the wires in time to dodge them. Walter easily sliced off Anderson's right arm as if it were wet toilet paper. But at the same time, thorny vines emerged from the wound and mixed together to reform the limb instantly. Difficult.... in this case.... He looked at where the Nail of Helena is, located right at the heart. The entrails.... I must remove them! Armed with a plan, the Shinigami prepares the death blow.
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Walter Dornez (do move after approval) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Walter Dornez (do move after approval)   Walter Dornez (do move after approval) I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 08, 2011 8:44 pm

approved Smile welcome walter
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Walter Dornez (do move after approval)
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