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 Pamela Alucard

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Pamela Alucard

Pamela Alucard

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PostSubject: Pamela Alucard   Pamela Alucard I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2011 12:05 am

Name: Pamela Alucard
Gender: Both
Sexuality: Straight
Weapon(s): Mostly guns. (Jackal and Casuall)
Abilities: Vampric powers, Alucard's form)
Likes: Blood, Evil things, Cats and Dogs, Her Adopted sister
Dislikes: Annoying people, Sunlight, Angels.
Weaknesses: Silver cross casing bullets (Like the ones in Jackal and Casuall)
Description of your Character: A girl of 13 years in age. Glowing red eyes, Vampire fangs and pale skin. A white costume including hat. She also has raven black colored hair.
Rank: King/Queen of the Vampires (She is also Alucard)
Family: Yuuki Kuran (Sister)
Pamela Alucard Hellsing_the_dawn_girlycard_by_hegedusroberto-d32tc0c

Rp Sample: After Alucard became the female form he now is shown to be as Walter walked up to her. Her Glowing red eyes watch his movement towards her. "Walter why the sudden visit hm" She asked tilting her head. Walter looking towards her his cold expression ment that he means business this time. She shook her head, not willing to make another attempt at standing yet. She glared at the concrete stairway, not even trying to mask her disdain for it. For her Master, rather. Yes, she decided, the poor steps were blameless; a product of their environment. They had not made the decision to be placed there where she might lose her footing. As far as she knew.She was certain he had pushed her or…something. It was his fault either way. Such actions were not beneath him. These things were more inclined to occur at times like these; when her Master was bored and his imagination knew no bounds, devising a million different ways to poke fun at someone for his amusement. She supposed it helped that he had chosen a fledgling cursed to be accident-prone. What a bother. Yes, it seemed obvious that he had at least caused her to stumble. He knew she was terrified of this place. Oh, how she hated it. With a passion. A bloody, purple passion, the color akin to near-frozen steak just beginning to thaw. The same shade his entire body would be after she was through with him. Yes. Not unlike that at all.
There was no rational explanation as to why she feared and loathed this section of the basement so much. It was laughable that she, vampire fledgling to one of the most powerful Nosferatu in the world, was creeped out by a hallway in the very building she resided in. Laughable indeed. So laughable, in fact, that her Master had done enough taunting and laughing for herself and half of the Hellsing soldiers. "Did you murder the Nazi leader" Walter Asked the young girl who was covered in crimson red blood. The smirk she had was that of the monster she is as well as innocence. The Vampire King Alucard.....

To Be Continued......[
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Yuuki Kuran
Yuuki Kuran

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PostSubject: Re: Pamela Alucard   Pamela Alucard I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2011 12:19 am

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Pamela Alucard
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