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 Lelouch Lamperouge

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Jinxx The Mystic
Jinxx The Mystic

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PostSubject: Lelouch Lamperouge   Lelouch Lamperouge I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 01, 2011 11:56 pm

Name: Lelouch Lamperouge


Species: human (soon to be vampire)

Apperance:Lelouch Lamperouge 1_324614351l

Likes: painting, reading, practicing with weapons, being his alter ego Zero, chess, his sister Nanully

Dislikes: minipulating people, dictators

Power: Geass gievn to him by the the Vampire Witch Luna

Weapons: His mind, using chess movement stragitys, and his black Knightmare

Family: Marianna Lamprouge (mother) Michael Lamprouge (father) Nanully (sister) Princess Euphimia LI Britannia (cousin)

Bio: Lelouch is still looking for his mothers killer and the man who also crippled and blinded his sister in the shoting of his mother Marianna. That's why he came up with his alter ego Zero, to hide his deeds and his face to protect his sister and make a world where she can find happiness.

His alter ego Zero: Lelouch Lamperouge 75443588583c7f68260fb5ac097c9669

Zero's knightmare:Lelouch Lamperouge Type-02F1ZGurenSEITEN

How he met Luna: Lelouch looked both ways of the hallway, making sure no one was there to see him leave. Lelouch let out a soft sigh of relief. Whoever has been chasing him was finally out of site. He had to leave his beloved chess set behind in the gambling room he was in. Lelouch couldn't help but laugh at the nobles face as he lost the chess game to a simple school boy. Many saw an chuckled at the noble. Now he was in this situation where he might actually die. Better he die as Lelouch other than him dying as Zero.

"I think he came ths way!" Shouted a voice.

Shit! Lelouch hissed in his mind. Lelouch was about to make a run for it when he heard a foot step behind and the soft click of a gun. Lelouch held his breath with eyes widden.

"Thought you can run from us you little cheat?" Snickered the one behind him.

"How do you cheat in chess?" Asked Lelouch.

The man behind him push him forward where Lelouch saw a green haired girl wearing the same school uniform as him. Lelouch swore he never seen her before at school or anywhere.

"Looks like I found another rat." Chuckled the man who held the gun at the girl. The girl just gave a bored expression. The man behind Lelouch pushed him againt the wall. Both the girl and Lelouch were held at gun point.

The girl didn't seemed to care about the guns pointed at them and it angred Lelouch. What's up with this girl? Lelouch thought.

"So who do we kill first? The cheat or his mistress?" Askd one of them with a smirk.

"How do you cheat at chess? Its impossible you mindless fool." Said the green haired girl with a bored, sarcastic voice.

"Why you!" He hissed and was ready to hit her with the base of his gun.

Lelouch got in between them. The green haired looked at him with suprised eyes. "You don't want to threaten a lady." Lelouch said.

"Fine! You choose your fate!" Said the same man who threatened the girl and fired at Lelouch.

"No! You can't kill him!" Shouted the green haired girl as she got infront of Lelouch and took the bullet that was meant for him. She fell backwards blood coming coming down her face.

Lelouch caught the girl and held her close to his chest and stared in horror. "You bastard! You didn't have to kill her!" Lelouch growled.

"Not are fault." Snickered the other.

Lelouch breathed hard and looked at the two murderers. [i]I can't die here! I can't let these Britannian scum kill me here and now! What of Nanully?! Her happiness is my only cause of living! If only I had the power to survive this?![i/] Thought feriously Lelouch. Then the dead girl in his arms gripped his arm and they both were sudden surrounded by darkness. He looked down to see the dead girl was gone. Lelouch quickly got up and looked around.

"Is it power you seek? What if I can give you that power Lelouch Lamperouge?" Said a female voice.

"Who are you?! And how do you know my name!" Lelouch called.

The greened haired girl came out of the darkness unharmed and alive. "I am no threat to you Lelouch. I've had my eyes on you for a long time now." She said gently.

Lelouch was suprised. "What kind of power are you talking about?" He asked.

She smiled a small smile. "The power to make anyone follow your complete order without questions asked. The power you seeked for." She said with a grin.

Lelouch couldn't believe it. Could he go on with the simple word of a once dead girl? But her offer sounded true...and it is power he wants.

"Yes Lelouch, the power to make change. To change things for the better for your sister." She said answering the questions Lelouch thought.

How could she know this?! How did she know about his sister Nanully? However, he wanted this deal.

"Excellent, for this power you must make a contract with me. Are you ready to except the conditions that come with this power?" She asked she held out her hand.

"I Lelouch Lamprouge here by accept the conditions of your contract!'' He said and shook her hand.

Nanully Lamperouge: Lelouch Lamperouge Nunally-1-1

Age: 13

Species: Human

Likes: her brother lelouch, hearing storys, her cousin Euphy

Dislikes: people using her family, distrust, and lairs

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Yuuki Kuran
Yuuki Kuran

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PostSubject: Re: Lelouch Lamperouge   Lelouch Lamperouge I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2011 12:03 am

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Lelouch Lamperouge
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