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 Luna Drako Andross

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Jinxx The Mystic
Jinxx The Mystic

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PostSubject: Luna Drako Andross   Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:54 pm

Name: Luna Drako Andross

Age:318 looks 25

Species: PureBlood Vampire/Witch


Likes: Old books, spell books, making contracts with humans, playing chess

Dislikes: thing of that doesn't matter, broken contract

Power: Can compel anyone to what she asks or known as Geass

Weapons: her Geass and using pawns

Bio: Luna has been around for 300-years-old but has remained young cause of the Vampire Witch before her. Luna originally came from Florence, Italy but was orphaned at the age of four, her parents were murdered by other vampires in the country side. Since then she wondered aimlessly finding someone she can call a parent. That's where she met the Vampire Witch Nicolette. Nicolette taken in Luna as her apprentice who will carry on her legacy until Luna ended Nicolette excistence with a charm shes been working on, to destroy her mistress. After the death of Nicolette, Luna inhereted every inch of Nicolette's power and claimed it as her own. Over the hundreded years shes made deals with countless humans and granted them their selfish wishes until their payment was called into question. Then she met the young Britannian Lelouch and offered him a deal, a deal to compel anyone he wanted with a single glance. The power he craved to make change for his younger sister Nanully. The power of Geass.

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Yuuki Kuran
Yuuki Kuran

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PostSubject: Re: Luna Drako Andross   Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:56 pm

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Luna Drako Andross
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